Courtois Ready to Stop Harry Kane

Courtois Ready to Stop Harry Kane

Courtois Ready to Stop Harry Kane

London – Tottenham Hotspur’s young striker Harry Kane had been a nightmare for Chelsea. The Blues goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois admitted that he had studied the game Kane.

Chelsea Kane is obliged to look out for when the Spurs serve in the final which was held at Wembley Stadium, Sunday (01/03/2015). The 21-year-old boy is being shone brightly in this season.

Kane already recorded 24 goals in 37 appearances in all competitions with Spurs. In its own league, the player nicknamed the Hurrikane pack 14 goals, only to lose Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) and Diego Costa (Chelsea), each of which hew 17 goals.

Kane became the starter when the Spurs against Chelsea in two league games this season. After Chelsea won 3-0 at Stamford Bridge, Kane scored two goals at White Hart Lae to help his team beat rivals townsmen turn it 5-3.

“You try and analyze sepert what the team and the striker by watching the video,” said Courtois in the Telegraph. “But football and every game is different. Every time they come in front of you, the situation could be different.”

When asked how Kane during a settlement, Courtois replied: “Yes, I know it. But I do not want to say it now.”

Not yet known who will be installed under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea crossbar. Petr Cech plays all English League Cup match to degrade Courtois in the semi-final second leg match against Liverpool. Even so, it is believed that Belgian goalkeeper will be a starter.

“He (Mourinho) made the decision to all the players the day before the game. We just prepare for this game together,” said Courtois.

“I never felt nervous (about the decision). If you play you have to be ready to come and play. You just have to be ready even if you just be on the bench. On Sunday, it was the final game and anything can happen,” said he added.