When Balotelli and Henderson scramble Penalty

When Balotelli and Henderson scramble Penalty

When Balotelli and Henderson scramble Penalty

Liverpool – Liverpool’s victory over Besiktas colored an unpleasant incident when Mario Balotelli, must scramble to be the executor of the penalty with Jordan Henderson, before he made a goal of the situation.

In the first leg of the Europa League last 32 on Friday (20/2) pm dawn, Liverpool have struggled to beat Besiktas sweep Balotelli penalty in the 85th minute to win 1-0.

Before goal mere puppet was present, had appeared for uncomfortable incident when Balotelli and Henderson engaged friction little about who would take a punt 12 fitting it.

Because the main executor, Steven Gerrard, do not play and Henderson became a captain in the game then it most likely refers footballer Brendan Rodgers 24-year-old to take a penalty kick.

But Balotelli’s new entry in the second half replacing Philippe Coutinho, suddenly grabs the ball that is being held by Henderson. What do Balotelli looks not greeted positively by Henderson, who then showed unhappy facial expression.

In fact, the incident also makes Daniel Sturridge to have to reprimand Balotelli. But all was useless because Balotelli remains keukeuh take a penalty and melesakkannya smoothly.

Naturally, if Balotelli acted thus because the Italian players have a very good record in terms of penalties. He just failed 2 times of 29 the opportunity to be the executor of the penalty in his career.

“Goals are very important, I think we controlled the ball well throughout the match and we deserve these goals. Goals are very important to us and especially not concede,” Henderson said on the BBC.

“I really want to take the penalty kick, Mario was believed dri and he had often take crucial penalty before. Everybody wants to be the executor. I feel confident with Mario, he has often done so and he succeeded again this time,” he continued.

Having scored by white dots was also Balotelli approached Henderson and hugged him, like to apologize to colleagues.