Feyenoord coach regrets throwing action by supporters

Feyenoord coach regrets throwing action by supporters

Feyenoord coach regrets throwing action by supporters

Rotterdam – The match between Feyenoord and AS Roma was twice stopped by the referee because of disturbing incidents, the throwing of the host fans. Feyenoord coach Fred Rutten regrets this incident.

Feyenoord host Roma in the second leg of the Europa League round of 32 at De Kuip, Friday (02/27/2015) pm dawn. Previously the two teams drew 1-1 at the Olimpico in the first leg.

Roma eventually won 2-1 in the match with goals from Adem Ljajic and Gervinho. While one goal created host Elvis Manu.

This game does not run smoothly. The referee must stop the match twice. At first the game was stopped for a moment near the end of the first half, because there is a balloon banana thrown into the field of Feyenoord supporters sector.

Had to walk back, the game must be stopped again after the host fans threw objects including matches into the field. This incident triggered a red card issued to Mitchell Vrede referee in the 54th minute.

This incident is very regrettable Rutten. He called supporters actually disrupt the team with such measures.

“I have never experienced a situation like this before. It was a strange game,” said Rutten quoted by Football Italia.

“Termination of the game does not help the club. That will hurt Feyenoord. Unfortunately it happened and I support the decision to stop the match,” he added.

Although deplored the action of supporters, Rutten denied that they acted racist by throwing balloons bananas. The balloon appears to be directed to Gervinho who was near the edge of the field. Reportedly, Feyenoord alone is often enough to bring this kind of balloon banana to match.

“We have players from various countries in the squad. People are raising this matter,” said Rutten.

Not only disappointed with the fans, Rutten also admitted not satisfied with the leadership of the referee Clement Turpin who drove Vrede. The red card is called the turning point of the game.

“The referee had a big impact in this game. He made some questionable decisions. We actually hope to end the first half with the score 0-0, but then Rome scored in extra-time,” said offensive touchdown Ljajic.