Luiz Ask PSG Beware Strategy ‘parking Bus’ Mourinho

Luiz Ask PSG Beware Strategy ‘parking Bus’ Mourinho

Luiz Ask PSG Beware Strategy 'parking Bus' Mourinho

London – Seeing the results of the first leg, Chelsea can play safely at Stamford Bridge in order to get ticket away. David Luiz warned Paris St-Germain to be aware of the tactics ‘park the bus’ Jose Mourinho who can “hit” behind Les Parisiens.

After successfully offset PSG 1-1 a few weeks ago, Chelsea in an advantageous position when the turn entertain the Ligue 1 champions at Stamford Bridge on Thursday (03/12/2015) pm dawn tomorrow.

For a goalless draw was enough to pass the West London club to the quarter-finals. With Mourinho tendency is often to play defense and counterattack total, there will be the possibility of Chelsea would impose a score of 0-0.

Especially since the end of January, Chelsea never make more than two goals in one game. The last time they were able to celebrate a goal was a 5-0 win at home to Swansea City on 17 January.

It is also wary correct by PSG defender David Luiz, who certainly know the style of Mourinho in tactics since last season playing for Chelsea. If only PSG not careful and preoccupation attack, then counter-attack strategy Chelsea will only behind “bite” them.

“I know how Jose preparation for this fight, he would tell his players to play patiently and stomping through a counterattack,” said Luiz Mirror quoted as saying.

“He knew that we had to make a goal and they do not, I know this is a tactic. We have to be careful because I know Chelsea have the ability to attack us through the counter attack, but they also have to be careful,” he continued.

“It would be very dangerous if they just wait and defend against Zlatan, Cavani, and Lavezzi. So not only do we have to be careful,” he concluded.