Marcelo admits Barca Play Better

Marcelo admits Barca Play Better

Marcelo admits Barca Play Better

Barcelona – Real Madrid’s defeat of Barcelona during a visit to Camp Nou in the Spanish League this morning. Real Madrid defender Marcelo admitted that the Azulgrana are playing better.

Madrid lost 1-2 when a visit to the headquarters of Barca, Monday (23/03/2015). Miss in the 19th minute due to a header goal Jeremy Mathieu, Los Blancos can be equalized by kicking Cristiano Ronaldo on 31 minutes.

After playing just as strong in the first half, Luis Suarez appear to be a differentiator. El Pistolero make Barca supporters cheered with one goal in minute 56.

Marcelo said that Madrid is decreased performance in the second half. Soccernet noted that Carlo Ancelotti’s team made it recorded nine trials in the first half, but could only add four more in the second half.

Meanwhile, Barca are only seven times to kick into the net in the first half of the game, can add 10 attempts in the second half, one of which fruitful goal of Suarez.

“We played better in some things in the game and we have a lot more ball possession in the first half and the second half. But, at the end of their game better,” said Marcelo in Madrid’s official website.

“This is a key game in which we can take over their position in the standings, but there are still some fight again. We will continue to fight,” said the Brazilian defender.