Problem swarming Referee, Terry Call PSG chant

Problem swarming Referee, Terry Call PSG chant

Problem swarming Referee, Terry Call PSG chant

London – Chelsea has been criticized because the players swarming referee before Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, get a red card. Chelsea captain John Terry, was immediately provide a defense. According to him, PSG first act similarly.

Ibrahimovic red carded incident occurred in the 34th minute Chelsea vs PSG match which took place at Stamford Bridge on Thursday (12/3) pm dawn. Referee Bjorn Kuipers Ibrahimovic assessed a foul on Oscar so immediately sent off.

However, before Kuipers brandished a red card for Ibrahimovic, Chelsea first nine players swarming around the court. Ex-Liverpool defender who now works as a football analyst for Sky Sports, Jamie Carragher, said that it was a Chelsea player attempts to influence the referee’s decision.

Carragher said he did not like that kind of effort. Therefore, he said that the action taken Chelsea players embarrassing. “The reaction of the Chelsea players embarrassing. It came from Jose Mourinho’s team – they are reacting like this. It’s not just happen once,” said Carragher.

However, according to Terry, a few minutes before the incident occurred, the same applies PSG players. Terry calls, players also tried to Kuipers PSG provides severe penalties for violations committed by Chelsea.

“Once they start swarming around the referee, all we can do is respond,” Terry said as quoted by the Guardian.

“As players, we can not let them swarming around the referee and ask that our associates get a card.”

Despite not liking PSG measures, Terry admitted that such things are part of the game.

“For me, if I had to run 20 or 30 yards to protest, it does not look good. But, when I saw there were five or six players swarming around the referee … for me, I will try to defend my colleagues.”

“So I went to the referee, four or five other players to come with me. Indeed, it does not look good, but it is part of the game.”