Rooney Ask MU Not Dissolved failure in FA Cup

Rooney Ask MU Not Dissolved failure in FA Cup

Rooney Ask MU Not Dissolved failure in FA Cup

Jakarta – captain Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney asked immediately got up after being knocked out of the FA Cup. Therefore, a series of important party and not easy in the Premier League was waiting.

MU evicted from the FA Cup after they were beaten 1-2 by Arsenal in the quarterfinals were rolling on March 10. The defeat leaves MU threatened to end the season without a title again. Securing the top four at the end of the season so the most realistic targets for the ‘Red Devils’.

To secure this desire, thy were obliged immediately clean. Therefore, faced a tough test directly the Red Devils after the defeat. They awaited Tottanhem Hotspur, Liverpool, Aston Villa, and two top team standings board, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Rooney denies the failure to keep pace in the FA Cup was a deep wound for MU squad. But, he warned that there is still the Premier League to be fought. Hotspur will be closest opponent on March 15 this.

“It’s hard to overcome this defeat, but we have to lift ourselves and prepare for the game Sunday, facing Tottenham,” Rooney said as quoted by the Mirror.

“We have to prepare ourselves to face the closest matches. We will face severe matches in the coming weeks and it starts with mengahdapi Tottenham. Hence, we must immediately move on from this situation.

“In this time period, it will be difficult but we should be able to and be sure we are ready for the game on Sunday,” said the 29-year-old.