Who Better to Madrid: Mourinho or Ancelotti?

Who Better to Madrid: Mourinho or Ancelotti?

Who Better to Madrid: Mourinho or Ancelotti?

Madrid – Carlo Ancelotti is entering a difficult period at Real Madrid. Comparing it with its predecessor the Italian coach, Jose Mourinho, who between them are more okay to El Real?

Ancelotti spotlight since last weekend Madrid lost 0-1 to Athletic Bilbao, and last night shifted Barcelona as La Liga standings leader –sedangkan remaining 12 games competition.

Until last month Madrid is leading the league with a safe distance with the eternal enemy. However, from the last 5 games Iker Casillas et al. only won twice, but lost twice as well.

Lost pretty much figure that makes them now have to work extra hard to become a champion again. Moreover Ancelotti in his first season in the last season was not successfully deliver Madrid to La Liga championship ladder – despite great success by realizing the ambition of La Decima in the Champions League.

Male 55 years was very satisfying officials Madrid last season, because in addition they also won the Champions League trophy Copa del Rey, European Super Cup and Club World Cup.

Should Ancelotti was “obliged” to give Madrid the title of La Liga, having failed in the previous season. But because of the lost of Bilbao they are now a point behind Barca – although of course is still a great opportunity.

Compared with Mourinho, Ancelotti has plus and minus. He did not win La Liga as well as Mourinho (2011/2012), but he has been given the title of Europe (2014) are not achieved The Special One.

Percentage defeat in La Liga Ancelotti is greater than Mourinho. Of the 64 matches he lost 10 times. While Mourinho, he “only” lost 11 times out of 114 domestic matches.

However, the overall percentage of victories Ancelotti remains higher than Mourinho. Of the total of all competitive games (102), Ancelotti won 78 times (76.47%). As for Mourinho, of a total of 178 games, he won 12 times (71.91%).

However, the comparison is relatively new is not balanced because Ancelotti worked for two seasons at the Santiago Bernabeu, while Mourinho coached the Los Blancos for three seasons. In addition to the La Liga title Mourinho also won the Copa del Rey (2011) and the Spanish Super Cup (2013).