Pemuda Pancasila trailer, Manager PSPS: Only Those Who Care on Us

Pemuda Pancasila trailer, Manager PSPS: Only Those Who Care on Us

Pemuda Pancasila trailer, Manager PSPS: Only Those Who Care on Us

Jakarta – In the season no organization Pemuda Pancasila logo on the front of jerseys PSPS Pekanbaru. There was no written contract, such cooperation is woven as a concern for these organizations.

It was announced by manager PSPS, Zulkifli Nasution in conversation with AFP on Thursday (04/30/2015), related to the news that the Regional Leadership Council (MPW) Pemuda Pancasila (PP) Riau become funders of the First Division club member.

Zulkifli explained that so far it difficulty in funding to follow the major divisions. Various proposals to request funding to a number of companies in Riau, to no avail. So also proposed to existing bank-owned enterprises are also not realized.

“Though we expected, only the company’s CSR fund to be donated to the PSPS. All the efforts we have done to develop persepakbolan in Riau. The results are still not optimal,” said Zulkifli.

Of a number of existing companies in Riau, said Zulkifli, only PTP Nusantara V that contributed Rp 50 million. Of the limitations of these funds, PP finally available as a funder.

“The PP MPW Riau willing to provide assistance to the need for a match. Only those who care about us,” said Zul.

That the PP is not a company but come bearing funds, it is not considered a problem by the PSPs. Instead he hopes, his involvement in football would affect the image of its own for PP.

“Yes, maybe this time it sounded PP thug organization was, or whatever you call it. But clearly, this time they showed goodwill to nurture our younger generation, particularly in the field of sport,” said Zul.

When asked about the value of such cooperation, Zul not answer. A formal written contract was not necessary made.

“So we do not have to use all the contracts signed. This is purely good intentions they were sorry to see the fate of PSPS is underfunded. The good intention of course we welcome well too,” said Zul.

“For the PP, we can give only their logo on the costume. For us there is no problem if the PP into our donors. There is no profit to them, rather than large companies in Riau nobody cared PSPS,” Zul knot.